Other Resources for the Scanning Hobby (7/6/2001)

Stores that sell Scanners in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

If you find a local source for scanning gadgets, please let me know, so I can share it with everyone.

Radio Shack - My favorite scanner dealer, and they're located all over the place. www.RadioShack.com

Electronic Discount Sales 1211 E Abram, Arlington 548-1992 or 4070 N Beltline, Irving 972-570-7393

Fry's Electronics in Arlington at I-20 and Matlock (SE Corner) in the old Incredible Universe store. They have several brands and models. 817-784-5800

Amateur Radio Shops occasionally have Scanners and Accessories

Texas Towers in Plano at 1108 Summit #4 near Plano Parkway and I-75

1-800-272-3467 www.texastowers.com

The SPY store in Arlington - 3415 S Cooper St. #107, Arlington, TX 76015, 817-467-8779 -I haven't visited this one.

Departments stores and Discount stores including Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, Service Merchandise, and others may have a small and very limited selection of scanners, and probably no accessories.

CB Dealers, Pilot Shops, and Truck Stops probably have some.

Pawn Shops might have some used equipment that might be worth while.

Scanner Dealers on the Internet and Mail Order

Grove Enterprises 1-800-438-8155 (This is the only one I have any experience with. I highly recommend them.)

Atlantic Ham Radio LTD 1-416-636-3636

Communications Electronics 1-800-USA-SCAN

Frequency Manager for Windows

Javiation 011 44 1274 732146 (Over the pond, but they have a good reputation.)

Lentini 1-800-666-0908

MetroWest 1-800-657-1475

National Electronics

OptoElectronics 1-800-327-5912

Radio Manager for Windows

Trunk Manager for Windows

Uniden (Bearcat) (Sometimes they have refurbished stuff available directly from them.)

Universal Radio, Inc. 1-800-431-3939


Monitoring Times - My favorite publication. Several scanning columns and features, as well as other radio monitoring topics.

PO Box 98, 7540 Highway 64 West, Brasstown, NC 28902-0098

828-837-9200 Voice 828-837-2216 Fax

www.grove-ent.com, mt@grove.net $23.95/Year in the US as of 7/23/98

Mailing Lists

DFWSCAN (A great local scanning resource by Lindsay Blanton)


DFW Scan Paging Dispatch Services

DFW Fire and Rescue Guide

qth.net (Radio Hobby Mailing List Manager)
Strong Signals by Rich Wells - A great site for reviews of scanners and much more!

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