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Also Check out the New Scanning Information Section for the latest frequencies and buff information. Articles from Star-Telegram subject to purging on their server.

6/15/99 NE Tarrant cities study joint dispatch services

Radio Manager for Windows Now Supports the AOR AR8200 and OptoElectronics OptoCom!
Fort Worth Fire & Police Departments request Major MDT system purchase!

3/17/99 Tarrant sheriff to get new equipment

2/24/99 New gear may have helped in fatal Lake Worth church fire

2/23/99 Westlake seeks police, fire services deal

2/12/99 New service will screen 911 calls

8/26/98 Telephone service sliced in Euless, affecting 911, police and city offices

8/22/98 Bedford on fast track to build fire station

7/28/98 Civil Air Patrol helps fight brush fires.

7/16/98 Grapevine may knock 2 cents off its tax rate

7/9/98 Northlake to vote on plan to form police department

6/13/98 Trophy Club seeks warning system

4/16/98 Area emergency dispatchers to receive Silent Hero awards

4/17/98 Main Street Arts Festival - Reported Frequencies PL 107.2

484.26250 FMN Business Main ST Arts Fest F1 Ops.

483.11250 FMN Business Main ST Arts Fest F2 Beverages

483.53750 FMN Business Main ST Arts Fest F3 Maintenance-Electricians

484.31250 FMN Business Main ST Arts Fest F4 Vendors

482.38750 FMN Business Main ST Arts Fest F5 Security

485.38750 FMN Business Main ST Arts Fest F6 Stage Security

469.50000 FMN Business Main ST Arts Fest F7

464.50000 FMN Business Main ST Arts Fest F8

3/6/98 Initial HDTV broadcast upset 12 heart monitors

2/23/98 Ben- FYI and for what it is worth, on March 8 Dallas FD is going to discontinue the patch to the 153.89 frequency.  This is the frequency that has been used for years as the primary channel for fire apparatus. 153.89 has still been active even though the new UHF system and frequencies were implemented several  months ago.  This was because all apparatus and other equipment/vehicles in the department did not have the new UHF radios installed at the time the UHF system came on line. The department just recently completed equipping all apparatus with UHF radios  and now that has been done 153.89 will not be utilized any more. - Anonymous

2/23/98 I just did a search on Grapevine Mills on the new FCC search page. Here are the results:

Mills Corp. DBA Grapevine Mills WPLJ515










Thanks Tom!

1/27/98 Fort Worth to update emergency computer system

12/20/97 Tower site nixed near Trophy Club, Southlake

12/19/97 "Doughnut" antenna may replace planned tower

10/21/97 Take the Scanning the Dallas/Fort Worth Area Survey

11/12/97 Richland Hills approves ordinance to limit towers to industrial area

10/22/97 Shift of tower site criticized by Flower Mound officials

10/22/97 Richland Hills zoning panel recommends restrictions on towers

10/18/97 Fort Worth council considers scrapping weather sirens

10/9/97 Denton will consider rural sites for tower

9/28/97 Fire ratings spark higher insurance fees

9/28/97 Grapevine eyes fast fire response for mall

9/25/97 Denton commissioner vows to search for new tower site

8/26/97 Irving's 911 goes down for an hour

8/20/97 Fort Worth gets $9 million radio prize

See the notes below on Channel 8's story. The paper's story appears to be more accurate, but it still raises lots of questions for me. How much of the radio system did Primeco actually pay for? I have a feeling and the stories sort of say that they just paid for the microwave links and tower sites. I doubt they bought every radio and console in the system. What news organizations are using the system? Are they receive-only radios for scanning public safety or what? What is the radio system really worth? I have a feeling the grand total for everything in operation is more than $9 million. The $9 million is probably just what Primeco traded.

The system has some digital features, but it is NOT fully digital, so we should be happy scanners for a while. Obviously, I'm critical of the reporting on this system and perhaps the information provided by the city. I do however, believe that it's a good system, and I haven't heard of anyone complaining about it.

8/18/97 The1998 Radio Shack Catalogs Are Out 8/18/97

Channel 8 News Story on Fort Worth's System

Channel 8 just had a story on the 6:00 news about Fort Worth's new digital communications system. After freaking out for a second, I realized I was just listening to the same system hours ago, and it's hardly digital, so the story will probably be inaccurate or misleading at least. The radio in the car that they focused on must have been for the MDT, because it was made by Uniden not Motorola, and the microphone jack was vacant.

I think the real story was that Fort Worth had a ceremony for the activation of a new repeater site in far north Fort Worth and the story hints that the link between sites would be wireless instead of via landline phone. While the MDTs, link between the sites and the control channel might be digital, there's apparently nothing to worry about for us scanning folks. The city has traded four of its microwave frequencies to PCS PrimeCo for the repeater site. Channel 8 reports the system has a "2000 square mile" coverage area.

I suspect the information below is more accurate than the story Channel 8 ran. A well-informed Scanning the Dallas/Fort Worth Area visitor sent in the following a few days ago in reference to Fort Worth Trunked System repeater locations&ldots;

A fourth site has been designated for future tower construction. It is adjacent to a FW water tank in far north FW, probably mapsco page 8. I am told that the tank cannot be seen from I-35. I have not attempted to search for this site. This tower, and upgrading of microwave facilities at the existing sites will be paid for by Primco, in exchange for four frequencies in the 2000MHz range that FW will give to Primco for its PCS system. The above was announced in June 1996, so some movement may have started, or may even be completed.

8/7/97 Southlake tower passes first step despite protest

7/9/97Citizens on Patrol expands city's safety net

6/25/97 New alert system for firehouses proposed

6/7/97Richland Hills council to review tower issue
6/7/97Colleyville, Bedford get award for joint project

6/4/97NexTel enters competitive PCS market with PowerFone Visit NexTel on the web.

5/15/97 Sprint takes the jump into wireless phone service
5/14/97 Wire Sprint is ready for launch

5/14/97 Richland Hills seeks input tonight on tower proposal

Ericsson Radio System Trouble in Kansas City (The Kansas City Star Article 3/12/97)

I know it's not the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, but it's interesting. See the "index" and search for Ericsson to find more articles.

Fines Set for Taping Gingrich Call (AP Article 4/27/97)

Fort Worth seeks to replace failing backup 911 power supply

Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Business Section - Conventions in Town (4/21/97) The Association of Public Safety Communications Officers, Texas Chapter meeting this week in Fort Worth.

From a fellow Amateur Radio Operator, Here is the specifics on the balloon launch. Pray for good launch weather, since I am on the launch team! :-) North Texas Balloon Project #7 Time: 0800 CDT Date: 19 April 1997 Launch from Cleburn Muni Airport - Cleburn, Texas Freqs: Cross Band repeater Uplink: 444.600 Downlink: 147.560 GPS(APRS): 144.290 RDF Beacon: 147.560 (repeater output) Equipment: Yeasu FT-530 dual bander - Cross Band repeater IC-24AT - Packet Radio (APRS) Garmin 45 - GPS KPC-3 - TNC / connect will be disabled. Balloon: Totex TA-1200 with 60" hemispherical parachute for recovery after burst. Enjoy! Good luck in hearing the balloon.

4/9/97 Vote delayed on Richland Hills tower

From a Fort Worth Water Department; Join your Friends and Neighbors at SKY HIGH '97 - April 26th 11:00 AM to 3:00PM. A day of fun and airplanes at Fort Worth Meacham International Airport. FREE ADMISSION, Dozens of Airplanes on Display, Contests for Kids, Popcorn & Soft Drinks, Face Painting, Magician, Jugglers, Airport Tours, Fire Engines.Fort Worth Meacham International Airport 4201 N Main ST

Southlake to use bicycle officers, paramedics near speedway

The T's board approves shuttle service to NASCAR speedway

The T operates on 857.4625 and 858.4625. They also have a data channel on 856.4625.

Fire Department overtime to cost city $31,000 at speedway

Council leans toward overtime for fire protection at speedway & Tower Moratorium

3/17/97 Tapes to be reviewed for civil rights breaches

3/12/97 Irving Puts Restrictions on Towers

2/22/97 Tarrant, Fort Worth in no rush for 311 telephone service

2/22/97 PageNet to unveil novel Fort Worth-made beeper

2/21/97 Grapevine to Limit Cellular Towers

2/15/97 Officer's Radio Stops Bullet!

2/10/97 Companies Answer Own Fire Alarms
2/6/97 Southlake Communications Go Down After Lightning Hits

(2/7/97) Southlake PD is on 453.6, I haven't confirmed it lately, but Fire use to be on 45.54.

12/28/96 Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article on 911 and Cellular Positioning
12/15/96 Fort Worth Fire Department New Stations/Response Times
12/7/96 Las Colinas Rail System Back On Track

The light rail system that once served the Las Colinas business district is back again. The train is operated by the Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District. They are licensed 453.4 which is also licensed to Everman. Please let me know if you monitor train or other Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District related transmissions. I have not so far. See Star-Telegram Article
New Bedford/Colleyville Fire Station Opening Soon!

(12/5/96) The new joint station is located at 3940 Martin Drive in Bedford. It will be staffed by Bedford, but will also provide first responses to Colleyville for $200,000 a year. An open house will be held January 7, 1996 from 1 to 6PM, with a 5PM ribbon cutting ceremony.See Star-Telegram Article

12/1/96 Communications tower regulations considered

11/25/96 Winter Weather Scanning

With the possibility of freezing rain tonight, you might want to scan the sanding crews in your area. Start with your local public works frequencies. If you will be using the highways, check out the Texas Department of Transportation. There are several frequencies used in the 47.04 to 47.30 range. In Tarrant County 47.04, 47.06, 47.08, and 47.24 were active last winter. In Dallas County check out 47.18. If you find any more please let me know. Texas Utilities is busy restoring power from outages caused by the cold weather. Their trunked system in Fort Worth is on the following frequencies.

Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 937.88750
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 937.90000
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 937.91250
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 937.92500
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 937.93750
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 937.95000
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 937.96250
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 937.97500
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 937.98750
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 938.00000
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 938.95000
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 938.96250
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 938.97500
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 938.98750
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 939.00000
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 939.88750
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 939.90000
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 939.91250
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 939.92500
Utilities Texas Utilities Services Inc 939.93750


Colleyville Police/Dispatch Phone Lines Out (10/9/96)

The Colleyville Police Department's phone lines were accidentally cut by a backhoe severing links to Austin and Washington D.C.. Since Bedford's trunked radio transmitter is based at the Colleyville Police Department, Bedford radios went to fail-safe mode allowing them only one channel. Keller and Euless, who are also on the trunked system, were not affected. Bedford still had phone service, so they fielded Colleyville 911 calls and relayed them over the radio.

New Broadcast Radio Station 93.3 on the Air (10/30/96)

A new adult alternative rock station hit the airways last week, KNBR The Zone.

More Cellular/PCS Tower Sites Delayed (10/30/96)

Sprint PCS won't be offering its new PCS service as soon as they hoped due to difficulty in getting permission from cities and neighborhood groups to erect towers for their cell sites. Irving is the latest city involved, but many others have been, and probably will be have concerns. I'm not anxious to have one in my backyard.

North Richland Hills Fire Department Open House (Posted 10/3/96)

The North Richland Hills Fire Department will host an open house Saturday, October 5 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Fire Station 4 7202 Dick Fisher Drive North. Features include CareFlite, Bell Helicopter, NE Explosive Response Team, Amateur Radio, Hospitals, and more.

Flower Mound Denies New Tower Site (9/7/96)

The city of Flower Mound has put a stop on plans to build a PrimeCo PCS 140+/- foot antenna tower in the cities parkland, a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article reports. The city also had planned to use the tower for it's public safety communications. PrimeCo will develope the site, turn it over to the city and pay for using it.

Antenna Maker Moving (9/2/96)

From the FW Star-Telegram Business section, Allgon Enterprises, a CB and cellular antenna maker is moving its facilities in Grand Prairie to the Fort Worth Riverbend Office Park. I've never heard of them before.

Pennant Fever! (9/1/96 )

You can listen to operations at the Ball Park In Arlington on the following frequencies.
Parking 463.71250; Unconfirmed 464.53750
Security and other operations are on a 900MHZ trunked system listed below.
935.01250, 935.02500, 935.03750, 935.05000, 935.06250, 935.07500, 935.08750, 935.10000, 935.11250, and 935.12500
You might try listening to the input frequencies which are 45Mhz lower at 890.*. That way you'll only hear the transmissions that are fairly close to you. The trunked system has other users throughout the area. Go Rangers! Ericsson Radio News (Press Releases from Ericsson, makers of two-way radio and other telecommunications products. US headquarters in Richardson, TX) Hope your city doesn't make news with Ericsson!

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