Scanning the Dallas/Fort Worth Area Malls


Grapevine Mills Mall

Grapevine Mills Mall shortly before opening. Photo by me with a Sony Mavica Digital Camera.

Aerial View of Grapevine Mills Mall, 11/21/2002

Aerial Photo 11/21/02 (Nikon Coolpix 5700, American Airlines)

Here are some local mall frequencies that might be fun to scan. Many of these have not been verified, so if you can verify or correct any of them, please let me know. Most of these were submitted by a Scanning the Dallas/Fort Worth Area visitor (Thanks Tom!). Besides the specific frequencies listed, try searching the low-powered frequencies. More precisely, search 460-465 (Output) and 465-470 (Input). Look for the split frequencies like 464.6875 compared to 464.675 or 464.700. They're low-power and often used at malls. Many larger stores will have their own frequencies in the same bands as described here.

Collin Creek 464.6875 R

Forum 303 464.6750 R 114.8



I work as a security officer in Galleria Mall, and would like to update our frequency on your list. We are using Motorola HT1000 radios, and have three channels:
Channel 1: In process of being assigned another frequency
483.5375 (Channel 2) Security and Parking Department
484.1875 (Channel 3) Mall and Tower Operations
I hope these help everyone that would like to listen to us. Feel free to post my name as the source for the frequency update, and if you need any other information, let me know and I will be happy to help.
Scotty Luther

Grapevine Mills (I heard the following a few days before the mall was open. Not all of them may still be used.)

464.5000, 463.1875, 463.2125 (ops.), 469.6500, 466.9625

463.625 Security

461.475 R D503 housekeeping

463.8625 S 71.9 parking lot control

I'm not sure if the parking people were mall employees or not & they didn't have DCS like the others.
464.965 Rainforest Cafe FX Maintenance

464.975 Rainforest Cafe Hostess




Hulen 463.4875 R 136.5

Hulen 464.3750 *

Hulen 464.9625 *

Irving (M S Mgmt Assoc) 461.2500 R 103.5 (lat/lon on Irving Blvd nowhere near the mall)

North East (M S Mgmt Assoc) 464.7375 R 136.5 (lat/lon is SE corner of Norwood & Pecan)

North East (M S Mgmt Assoc) 461.0875 R 136.5 (not licensed?)

North East ? (M S Mgmt Assoc) 461.4625 * (same lat/lon as 464.7375)

North East ? (M S Mgmt Assoc) 484.2125 * (lat/lon is SW corner Loop 820 & Grapevine Hwy)

North Hills 464.6875 R D423

North Hills 464.2375 S D423

North Hills 461.4750 *

North Hills 464.4625 Foley's? "Polo Shirts"

North Park 463.7125 R 162.2

North Park 463.7875 *

North Park 467.7375 *

Parks at Arlington 461.1625 R 151.4

Parks at Arlington 463.4000*

Parks at Arlington 465.8000*

Prestonwood Town Center 464.9750 R 162.2

Red Bird 464.5250 R 173.8

Richardson Square 464.9250 R

Ridgmar 151.8350 *

Ridgemar 463.93750 532

Six Flags 464.5250 R 123.0

Tandy Center 461.20000

Tandy Center Subway 464.425*

Town Center Mall 464.975 R 85.4

Town East 936.1375 *

Town East 936.6375 *

Valley View 464.3375 R

Vista Ridge 464.8375 R 118.8

I think Collin Creek and Richardson square used DPL but I haven been able to confirm.

73 de Tom

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