Low Powered Itinerant Frequencies

Low Powered or Itinerant Frequencies are often used for construction sites, events, drive-through windows, parking attendants, churches, warehouses, and other places, just to name a few, where the activity is confined to a fairly small area. You can buy radios that operate on these frequencies at Sam's, Radio Shack, Office Depot, and just about any place else that sells business communication equipment. The radios require an FCC license, but I have a feeling there are a lot more people and businesses using the radios than there are licenses. I believe it's possible to buy the radio first and deal with the paper work later. If you are going to an airshow, stock show, race, mall, circus, street festival, convention, etc. it's always a good idea to have these frequencies handy to listen in on the behind the scenes operations. Another frequency range the low powered radios might show up on is the business band 460.6625- 464.9875 on the split frequencies. For example, 464.6625(low power) compared to 464.625 (full power). The 4 digits to the right of the decimal point will be 12.5Khz away from the normal full power business frequencies. Many malls and large building operations can be found here.

Here are some of the common frequencies used. Mode is FMN.

Use and Designator if Known Frequency
Black Dot 462.62500
Blue Star 467.92500
Brown Dot 464.50000
Gold Star 467.87500
Green Dot (Drive Thru A & E) 154.60000
(Drive Thru A) 35.02000
Blue Dot (Drive Thru B & F) 154.57000
(Drive Thru B) 30.84000
(Drive Thru C) 33.14000
(Drive Thru C) 151.89500
(Drive Thru D) 31.00000
(Drive Thru D) 170.30500
(Drive Thru E) 171.10500
(Drive Thru F) 170.24500
Purple Dot 151.95500
Red Dot 151.62500
Red Star 467.90000
Silver Star 467.85000
White Dot 462.57500
Yellow Dot 464.55000
Family Radio Service 01 462.5625
Family Radio Service 02 462.5875
Family Radio Service 03 462.6125
Family Radio Service 04 462.6375
Family Radio Service 05 462.6625
Family Radio Service 06 462.6875
Family Radio Service 07 462.7125
Family Radio Service 08 467.5625
Family Radio Service 09 467.5875
Family Radio Service 10 467.6125
Family Radio Service 11 467.6375
Family Radio Service 12 467.6625
Family Radio Service 13 467.6875
Family Radio Service 14 467.7125
ISR (FSR) 01 (Intra Squad Radio) for military 396.875
ISR (FSR) 02 397.125
ISR (FSR) 03 397.175
ISR (FSR) 04 397.375
ISR (FSR) 05 397.425
ISR (FSR) 06 397.475
ISR (FSR) 07 397.55
ISR (FSR) 08 397.95
ISR (FSR) 09 398.05
ISR (FSR) 10 399.425
ISR (FSR) 11 399.475
ISR (FSR) 12 399.725
ISR (FSR) 13 399.925
ISR (FSR) 14 399.975

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