Things I've Heard while Scanning

I've been scanning since the early 80's and thought it would neat to list some of the more interesting things that I have heard on my scanner over the years. Maybe this will make you want to get into scanning (or not<G>).

Close to Home/Work

Accidents on at least two occasions involving my sister and sister-in-law

Fire at my boss's home

Hot check writer's arrest at work

Bomb Threats at neighboring businesses

A foot chase that went through the backyard behind mine.

A neighbor setting up a drug deal on a cordless phone.


News of two firefighters, Phillip Dean and Brian Collins in-the-line-of-duty deaths. Fort Worth FD has the tradition of ringing bells prior to this special announcement. It was very moving.

Fort Worth FD Birth announcement of firefighter Phillip Dean's son less than a week after his death.

"Shots fired" (by the bad guys) during a chase, resulting in the death of a Steak and Ale manager taken hostage during a robbery.


Storms and the hectic weather of North Texas

Numerous Police Chases, some lasting quite long and involving lots of agencies. One was a man running through the back yard behind my home.


Numerous Emergency Landings at FW NAS JRB and D/FW Airport

Blue Angels and Thunderbirds


The space shuttle (from space)

DOVE Satellite (from space)

Air-Force One

Far-away transmitters from skip and inversions including Houston, New Orleans, and the North East US.


Numerous traffic and weather reports that helped me avoid bad situations

Behind-the-scenes information from concerts, fire works displays, sports, funeral processions, and motorcades that made me stick around while others went home and missed out, sometimes just moments away from an event.

News reports talking about the Space Shuttle stop-overs at D/FW and FW NAS JRB on its way back to Florida, otherwise, I might not have gotten to see the Space Shuttle in person.


From the police…

"Can you contact the owner, there's a dog the size of Godzilla back here."

"We need someone to turn off the DeathRay again for Mrs…".

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