Fort Worth Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base

Scanning Information 8/18/2006

Military Communications Abbreviations

Fort Worth Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base - Carswell Field(FWNASJRB) use to be Carswell Air Force Base. The air force base was scheduled for closure, but is now scheduled for growth. While the Air Force does not have a big presence any more, the there's still going to be plenty of scanning to do. Several units from Dallas NAS are moving to FWNASJRB. Others already have. I believe when all the changes are done, the Navy, Air Force Reserves, Army Reserves, and Marines will be on base. Please let me know if I left anyone out. If you are new to the area FWNASJRB is located in west of downtown Fort Worth off of I-30, just west of Ridgemar Mall (a good viewing area).  

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Frequencies used at Fort Worth NAS JRB

Air Traffic Control


Ground Control


D/FW Approach/Departure

D/FW Approach/Departure NW

FWNAS JRB Dispatch


126.4, 254.325

120.95, 269.325

125.8, 257.95

118.1, 379.9


Old Map from IFR Supplement

Air Force Reserves 301st Tactical Fighter Squadron

136th Airlift Wing of the Air National Guard

Notes from Scanning the Dallas/Fort Worth Area Visitors


VMFA 112 Cowboys (F/A-18A's)

Squadron aircraft freq: 318.6 AM

Ground Maint: 141.95 FM or 140.325

As for VMGR-234 (C-130's), they are no longer the Bears. The new CO of the Marine Aircraft Group is a big sports fan. He renamed them to be the Rangers.

Ground Control (Ramp-net) 149.205

Used for towing aircraft across runways and taxiways by maint. crews.

They will be going to a UHF government trunking system in the near future, so listeners should listen now while they still can. The new system will be a Motorola Astro system, so all transmissions will be digital.

5/13/97 Military Aviation Call Signs

Dear Sir,

Here is some information that might be beneficial to you in regards to scanning military aircraft at NAS Ft.Worth JRB, TX. Being in the F-14 squadron assigned to NAS Ft. Worth I have learned the following radio call signs:

"Hunter" is our squadron call sign, VF-201 "Hunters". We fly the F-14A Tomcat.

"Cowboy" is the radio call sign for VMFA-112 "Cowboys" a Marine reserve squadron that flies the F/A-18 Hornet.

"Rodeo" is the call sign for the 181st Airlift Squadron of the Texas Air National Guard that flies the C-130H

"Bear" is the call sign of VMGR-234 "Thundering Herd" a Marine reserve squadron that flies the KC-130F/T

and of course numbers are usually assigned based on what "event" or sortie they are on the flight schedule for their respective squadrons. Like '"Hunter 11" is one of our F-14's that is the eleventh sortie of the week or some squadrons break down thru the month instead of the week. I hope any of this information would be helpful when you and your friends are scanning to hear what your Navy is up to in the air over North Texas.

Thank You-Anonymous

6/4/97 More Call Signs

The HUNTER's of VF-201 are also using the callsign PISTOL for daily

ops. I monitored at Navy Fort Worth yesterday and saw an F-14 from

VF-201 using the callsign PISTOL. Right now, PISTOL01 is working Fort

Worth Center for the block. Just wanted to let others know.

Thank You-Anonymous

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