Frequency List as of May 9, 2005

No Program Required...

Uncompressed ASCII text file version (270KB) 12 Fields: Class, Service, Frequency, Mode, Call Sign, Note File, Brief, Last Monitored Date, Rating, Offset, Tone, Aux. File.

If you don't see a frequency you are looking for, the user may be on a trunked radio system, so please click here.

I use Frequency Manager for Windows to store, search, organize, and print my frequency list. Click here if you'd like to download my program, Frequency Manager for Windows.

My frequency list for the Dallas/Fort Worth area has almost 2800 frequencies!Click here (165KB) to download. You'll need my program, Frequency Manager for Windows, or a program that reads the Paradox file format to open and view it. Once you have downloaded the list (dfwlist.exe), you'll need to run it so that it self-extracts the database files.

Please do not sell my list without my permission.

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