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CareFlite's newest birds by Augusta

Link to MedStar Posts(Mapsco Coordinates) in the Fort Worth Area

Here is the roundup of current medical helicopters operating in the area . (Thanks to Eric Ritzie 1/31/2005, and others 2/1/06)

Effective 2/15, Texas Lifestar, operated by Southwest Helicopters, will have a Bell 407 based at Wise Regional in Decatur. Some of you may know them as North Texas Lifestar but I was told they dropped "North" from their name. They apparently use Nextel for most if not all of their dispatch comms.

Air Evac Lifeteam formerly Critical Air has bases in Mineral Wells (Palo Pinto General Hospital), Brownwood (Brownwood Regional Hospital), and West (West FD)- All Bell 206L3s. Their radio system is linked to the dispatch center in San Diego and repeaters are leased locally- not sure from who- so no frequency info.

PHI Air Med has bases in McKinney (Airport), Corsicana, Fort worth and Dallas - All Eurocopter A-Star's (AS350). They are licensed on 159.900, 159.990(DCS 412), 154.515 and 160.140 (for Dallas/McKinney), 159.9675 (PL 186.2 for Fort Worth birds). Frequencies are licensed as Air Evac.

Careflite has bases in Dallas (Methodist), Fort Worth (Harris Methodist), Denton (Denton Community), Frisco (Frisco Fire Dept), and Grand Prairie (GP Airport). Most of the fleet are Agusta A-109's, but they still operate one Bell 222. CareFlite can be heard on the following frequencies 464.1 "CERN", 131.45 AirInc Dallas or "East", 131.675 AirInc West or Fort Worth. Also, 463.3, 454.075 will have some of the air stuff and ground ambulances.

Southwest Helicopters (N Texas Lifestar) operates a Eurocopter Twin Star (AS355) in Greenville and a Bell 407 in Sherman. I was told by one of their employees that they use Nextel.

Dallas Children's has a Sikorsky S-76 based at Love for neonatal/pediatric critical care transport- no scene responses. The transport team uses a 400 MHz LTR system licensed to Megahertz Technologies and also has an AIRINC freq of 130.125

Cook Children's in Fort Worth does the same with a Bell 222 currently based at Spinks Airport, soon to relocate to the hospital (within the next week or so). They are on a 400 MHz LTR system licensed to Netwave Communications and have an AIRINC frequency of 131.775

A little farther out- Air Evac Lifeteam has a helicopter (Bell 206 I think) in Wichita Falls that occasionally comes into Ft Worth with a patient. They are on 159.900. (DPL 032 - per Tom C.) No connection to PHI/Skymed.

In Tyler, Flight for Life operates a BK-117 out of Trinity Mother Frances Hospital and East Texas Medical Center (online article link thanks to Wally B.)operates a Eurocopter (Bolkow) BO-105 out of that hospital.

Several months ago I heard that either PHI or Critical Air was negotiating with the hospital in Mexia (Parkview Regional) about placing a helicopter there, but I have not heard anything lately.

Scanning CareFlite Communications (2/1/2006)

Careflite has a communications center at Grand Prairie airport. It is just north of their maintenance hanger at the north end of the airfield. It is used for CareFlite ground operations, Dallas air operations, Fort Worth air operations, fixed wing, and Johnson County 911 EMS call taking.

Since CareFlite left the TXU EDACS system, you can now hear a great deal of their ops on 464.1 PL 123.0 "CERN" Tower, 461.55, 463.3, 454.075(last 3 are LTR, but it's almost CareFlite traffic only). I recommend keeping the AirInc channels 131.45AM and 131.675AM programmed in, as they still have occasional use. The old dispatch channels 155.28 and 155.34 are also worth keeping around. Also keep in mind that CareFlite does much more than just the well known helicopter transports. 464.1 PL 123 is used for ground transports. If you're interested in the ground ops stuff, then you might check out the TeleTouch systems on

TeleTouch Passport

Other EMS Scanning Info...


Common EMS Priorities

0 Deceased, 1 Immediate, 2 Delayed, 3 Hold

Priority 1 is Always Code 3

Priority 2 is either Code 1 or Code 3 depending on the condition of the Patient. If the patient is serious, but non-life threatening you do Priority 2 Code 3.

Priority 3 is Always Code 1

4/8/99 Rural Metro Web Page

9/2/97 Central Ambulance (Now called American Medial Response-AMR 4/8/99)

Ben, thought you might like some additional info on American Medical Response (AMR) freqs.

Central Dispatches from their administration on Inwood Road in Dallas. It is the base for all of the Dallas County ambulances operated by Central. Central also dispatches for the Hunt County and Collin County divisions from the same location. This is why there freqs are published as "Dallas".

Here are the specs:

463.8000 Dallas Ambulances 203.5

These units are identified as 3 digit unit ID's such as 115, 125, etc.

463.8250 Hunt County 203.5

These units are identified as Medic units. Medics 1,2,5,6 are based in the city of Greenville. Medic 3 is based in Commerce. And Medic 4 is based in Quinlan.

453.1750 Collin County 203.5

These units have been developed since I left Central as an employee. There are combinations of Medic and 3 digit ID's. Medic 7 is based in Farmersville and backs up Hunt County in overload situations.

Central also dispatches for the Hunt County Firefighters Association on 154.0100. PL 114.8. This includes all the city and volunteer fire departments in Hunt County with the exception of Greenville and Commerce. They are dispatched by their respective agencies dispatch offices.

Columbia Air 1 is dispatched on the Dallas freq, and will possibly begin responding to on scene incidents.

Just some info FYI. - Anonymous 10/19/97 - On 02/27/97 I wrote to tell you that CareFlite was building a new Communications Center at their Maintenance Hanger at Grand Prairie Airport. They finally moved in last week. Now all CareFlite radio is at one place. They kept all radio freq for now and dispatch from one location. All new radio, computer, & phone equip. No more dispatch at Dallas & Ft Worth Hospitals. The only change you can notice is 3 alert tones for standby & one long tone for a "go". Med 10 (462.975) is used for flight following on Dallas side because of repeater in Commerce. It is also channel for CareFlite ground & Dallas Ambulance which has VA contract.

Common Emergency Medical Service Frequencies (Statewide and maybe nationwide)

155.1600 to 155.4000 FMN

462.9500 to 463.1875 FMN (Often called Med-1 to Med-10, see below)

The frequencies above are usually shared by many different EMS providers and hospitals. Besides dispatching they are used for medical advise and patient telemetry. Many Ambulance-Hospital communications are also on cellular phones.

Dallas/Fort Worth Area EMS Frequencies

Description Frequency Mode PL Tone
Old CareFlite Dispatch Dallas 155.34000 FMN 123.0
Old CareFlite Dispatch Fort Worth 155.28000 FMN 110.9
CareFlite Helicopters Dallas - in flight and patient reporting 131.45000 AM 0.0
CareFlite Helicopters Fort Worth in flight and patient reporting 131.67500 AM 0.0
American Medical Response (AMR) Johnson County  461.475 FMN 203.5
LifeStar (AMR) Dallas?  453.075 FMN 203.5
American Medical Response (AMR) 463.80000 FMN 203.5
American Medical Response (AMR) - Dallas Area 463.82500 FMN 203.5
American Medical Response & LifeStar helicoptoers (AMR) - Dallas Channel 453.17500 FMN 203.5
Dallas Ambulance F2 463.37500 FMN 0.0
Dallas NAS 140.12500 FMN 0.0
Fort Worth EMS Medstar ETACs? 860.43750 FMN 141.3
Hospital-Ambulances 155.17500 FMN 0.0
Hospital-Ambulances 155.40000 FMN 0.0
Med- 1 463.00000 FMN 173.8
Med- 2 463.02500 FMN 173.8
Med- 3 463.05000 FMN 0.0
Med- 4 463.07500 FMN 173.8
Med- 5 463.10000 FMN 0.0
Med- 6 463.12500 FMN 0.0
Med- 7 463.15000 FMN 0.0
Med- 8 463.17500 FMN 0.0
Med- 9 Dispatch 462.95000 FMN 0.0
Med-10 Dispatch D/FW Ambulance 462.97500 FMN 0.0

East Texas Medical Center

ETMC Unit Number-Area Covered (update, courtesy of Chris, 12/03/2004)

902- Troup

904-919 Smith County

920- Emerald Bay

922- Mineola

923- Quitman

924- Mt Vernon

925- Mt Vernon

928- Van 930- Kaufman

931- Terrell South

932- Kemp

933- Terrell North

934- Forney

942- Ennis South

943- Ennis North

945- Day Rig Waxahachie

947- 24hr. Rig Waxahachie

950- Chandler (FSSM 9a-9p)

951- Frankston

952- Gun Barrel City

953- Malakoff

954- Athens

955- Athens

956- Athens Day Rig (10a-7p)

957- Seven Points

946- Red Oak

960- Carthage

961- Carthage

962- Jacksonville

963- Rusk

964- Alto

966- Crockett

967- Crockett

968- Trinity

970- Gladewater

971- White Oak

972- Gilmer

973- Gilmer

974- Gilmer

990- Wylie (Collin County)


701-704 (24hr Turcks)

706- Waco (MWTF 1200 * 0000)

708 Waco (MWFS 1000-2200)

710- Waco (M-F 8a-5p)

ETMC Unit Number-Area Covered (courtesy of Greg Alemy, 7/10/2002)

904-919 Smith County

930- Kaufman

931- Terrell

932- Kemp

933- Terrell

940- Corsicana / Navarro County

941- Corsicana / Navarro County

942- Ennis

943- Ennis

952- Gun Barrel City

953- Malakoff

954- Athens

955- Athens

956- Athens

957- Seven Points

959- Mabank

945- Day Rig Waxahachie

946- Red Oak

947- 24hr. Rig Waxahachie

980- Seagoville

990- Wylie (Collin County)

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