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If you have corrections, suggestions or information you think is relevant to Scanning the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, please send it to the email address below. Here are some guidelines that I ask you to follow. It will help me in compiling and editing content for the website.

Let me know if you want to be listed as the source of the information. Unless you include a note like, "It's OK to post my name with this information." I will post the information without credit or as "anonymous". It's just not practical to give everyone credit for some information, so please don't be offended if your name doesn't appear by information you sent it.

If you are sending frequencies or talkgroup information, or any other information that's basically lots of the same things with different details, please separate each "record" on a separate line, and each "field" within that record by tabs. That makes it much easier for me to import the data and to convert it into a more presentable format.


123.456 Fire Cityville

123.789 Police Cityville

123.111 Public Works Cityville

I'll try to update my web pages with the information as soon as possible, but I do this in my spare time, so please be patient.

Please don't take it personally, but please do not call me unless you have questions about my shareware. I just don't have the time to answer other questions by phone. Much of what I know about scanning is available here anyway. You are welcome to email me to exchange frequencies and other information, but please see Ben's Beginners Buyer's Guide for Scanners, for help in deciding what radio to buy.

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