Aviation Scanning

Aviation frequencies fall between 108 and 138(?) AM as well as 225-400 AM for the military. There are several different types of ATC facilities and frequencies. The chart below summarizes how frequencies are used as I understand it. More information on Fort Worth Center, or Military Comms Monitoring, and D/FW TRACON (Approach/Departure).

Type Coverage (use and airspace)
ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) Information for use before landing or take off
Clearance Flight plan clearing before leaving
Ground Control From the gate, over the taxiways, up to the runway
Tower From the runway to Regional
Approach/Departure From A/D to Center
Center To Center or Regional and Sometimes Towers

The chart is in order that the handoffs occur from the gate. Reverse for arrival. Flights may pass through many different Centers, Regions, or Towers which are the three major airspace "owners". I strongly recommend reading The Pilot's Radio Communications Handbook (ISBN 0-8306-4140-8) $16.95(well worth it!) by Paul E. Illman for a great and easy read. The book details how communications are suppose to work from the routine to emergency situations, as well as explaining the different air spaces. You pay for the ATC system, so don't be afraid to ask for a tour, of course, avoid calling when the problems above are happening. You can find the phone numbers in the blue pages. Look under FAA and pick a facility that you want to visit. There are several different locations to see in Dallas/Fort Worth.

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