? DDCW2 DDCW2 Waxahachie area not sure what TG id is
9 TOC-DISP TOC-DISP testing 123
15 Oncor Ops1 Radio test
18 Storm-1 Storm-1 Oncor Electric Line repairs
19 Storm-2 Storm-2 units working "Cedar Hill sub", Ducanville South, Grand Prairie
20 Storm-3 Storm-3 Oncor Electric Line Repairs, Cleburne
21 Storm-4 Storm-4 East DOC Dispatcher
22 Storm-5 Storm-5 Oncor Electric Line Repairs, N FW, Haslet
23 Storm 6 Storm 6
40 C-DOC-1/ NDallas C-DOC-1 DOC=District Operations Center  NOC=Network Operations Center
54 TRB-MEN1/NDal TRB-MEN1 Westgrove,  TRB=Trouble?, Frisco?, N Dallas, Probably "Troubleman1"
56 E-DOC/SW Dallas Oncor Repairs East DOC?, SW Dallas, might be "East DOC 2"
86 DR-DOC-1/N Dal Dispatch for Dallas County Coit&Spring Valley, East DOC, Allen, S Dallas
87 East DOC-2/W Dal West Dallas County Areas Irving, Ovilla, Grand Prairie, Might be "East DOC 2"
89 DR-DOC-4 DR-DOC-4 probably no DFW area, "East DOC"
96 FB-DIST Farmers Branch Area
129 Trouble1-Arlingt wires down Arlington Arlington
130 Trouble2-FW West Fort Worth - westside repairs W Fort Worth
131 Trouble3-NE Tarr Residential Hurst, Southlake referred to as "TROUBLE3"  
132 Trouble4-FW-SW? TXU SWFort Worth McCart, TXU SWFort Worth  
138 FortWorth2 Fort Worth Eastside repairs on GV&FW site  West FW
141 Oncor repairtlk2 Oncor Repair Talk 2 heard during snow storm
144 Oncor Arlington2 Oncor Arlington2 Redcoat & Musket in Arlington
148 Oncor Repairs Oncor Repairs on Grapevine site
155 Tech-1 Tech-1 Radio Techs
156 FW Transmission Fort Worth Transmission
164 Meter Readertlk? possibly meter reader talk channel discussing walking vs driving(commericial)
196 WEST-OPS way West of DFW
225 OncorSouthofDFW Oncor Repairs Cleburne, "West DOC"  might be "DDCW2"
2040 Patch 2040 patch 56 to Storm 4(21)
2041 Patch 2041 Storm 2(19) to East DOC 2 (87)