Scanning the 301st Air Force Reserves Fighter Squadron

Fort Worth Naval Air Station Texas (11/26/2001)

The 301st flies F-16s from Fort Worth Naval Air Station. Often you can hear some exciting training with the help of a good antenna. I use a Radio Shack discone. They often depart Fort Worth NAS about 20:00 and head southwest to the Brownwood Military Operations Area (MOA). Their call sign for the group is "Spad". You'll hear the leader of a group of planes identify as Spad 31, 41, 51, etc. Military aircraft are equipped with a VHF and a UHF radio that usually have 20 preset or "Push" buttons for quickly tuning frequently used frequencies. Here's what I know about the F-16s presets and other frequencies they use. Several of the frequencies were contributed by Brian, thanks. "?" means it's an educated guess, "??" is less certain.

Training seems to include dog fighting and targeting with the help of AWACS and aerial refueling sometimes. I've heard AWACS use the call sign "Magic" and "Chalice", and tankers use "Turbo". Different groups of F-16s play the bad guys as "Migs". Magic will give targeting information ("picture") to the leader Spad #1. Note, military radio is similar to amateur radio and opposite of common local public safety radio, in that transmissions start with the receiver's unit, then the sender's unit, then the message. For example, "Spad 51 - Magic, picture 2 group..." Magic is calling Spad 51 and the message follows. If you are use to police and fire radio, you might expect to hear Magic to Spad 51 and then the message. It's seems trivial, but it can make a difference when you're trying to figure things out. See also Fort Worth ARTCC

A Scanning the Dallas/Fort Worth Area visitor contributed the following…

- static mission crew callsigns for AWACS:

963 Airborne Air Control Sq, Tinker AFB: Chalice

964 AACS, Tinker AFB: Bandsaw

965 AACS, Tinker AFB: Darkstar

966 AACS, Tinker AFB: Dragnet (This is the training squadron)

961 AACS, Kadena AB Okinawa: Brigham

962 AACS, Elmendorf AFB, AK: Focus

NATO AWACS, Geilenkirchen Germany: Magic

Note: The Tinker based aircraft flight deck call sign is "Sentry XX." They talk to ATC on VHF as to free up another UHF for the mission crew to use. The flight deck for the 962nd is "Yukla XX" Nato uses "NATO XX".

- other stuff:

E-8 JSTARS mission crew: "Jackknife"

RC-135 RIVET JOINT mission crew: "vacuum"

EC-130 ABCCC mission crew: "Alleycat, Bookshelf"

Thanks for the information!

Air Combat Training - WAV file on 317.7 - Brownwood MOA 54K "Hot/Cold"

Air Combat Training - WAV file on 317.7 - Brownwood MOA 76K "Knock it off"

Air Combat Training - WAV file on 317.7 - Brownwood MOA 114K AWACS

Air Combat Training Glossary

UHF Radio (All AM)

Push Frequency Description
01 252.1 301st Operations (maintenance reports, arrangements, ETAs, etc.)
02 264.5 Fort Worth NAS Ground Control
03 237.9 Fort Worth NAS Tower
04 257.95 Regional Approach/Departure
05 360.6 Fort Worth Center (Keller)
06 387.0 Fort Worth Center (Dublin)
07 380.05 Fort Worth Center (Brownwood) MOA
08 317.7 Fort Worth Center (Abilene) Brownwood/Hornet MOA
09 346.3 Fort Worth Center (Brownwood) Tomcat MOA
10 282.2 Fort Worth Center (Abilene) Brownwood/Loon MOA
11 290.1 Fort Worth Center Falcon Range
12 335.9 Sheppard Monitor
13 360.7 Fort Worth Center North
14 244.0 Gray AAF Approach
15 238.8 Shoal Creek
16 380.8 NAS FW GCA
17 348.3 Altus Approach
18 308.6 Sheppard Approach
19 395.8 SFA
20 273.575 NAS FW ATIS

Other frequencies heard (AM Unless stated otherwise)

252.525 Probably Marines or Navy "Cowboys" air to air
287.9 Fort Worth Center (Scurry)
292.5 Regional Approach/Departure (Lockheed Primary)
278.5 Fort Worth Center (Wichita Falls) "Turbo" tanker
381.5 Fort Worth Center (Dublin)
149.575 (FMN) Aircraft Maintenance at Fort Worth NAS
344.2 VF-201 Hunter Base
398.9 Memphis Center (Razorback)
318.6 VFMA 112 Cowboy Base
233.2 Lawton Municipal (Ft. Sill Approach)
227.8 FW Dep/App - North
122.8 Brownwood Municipal Unicom
127.75 FW Dep/App - North
255.4 FSS
377.1 FW Center - North
284.1 Lockheed Override 1
134.15 FW Center - North
292.5 Lockheed Override 2
343.9 Houston Center
123.575 Lockheed Production Ops.
288.3 Rivers MOA
248.2 Fort Sill Approach
383.2 Have Quick TOD
342.5 Metro PMSV
379.9 Regional Approach
256.2 Base Ops.
139.975 Spads? Possibly Blue Angels

VHF Radio (All AM)

Push Frequency Description
01 149.125 301st Spad Ops.
02 126.4 Fort Worth NAS Ground Control
03 120.95 Fort Worth NAS Tower
04 133.15 Regional Approach Control
05 127.0 Fort Worth Center West
06 135.375 Fort Worth Center South
07 127.45 Fort Worth Center Brownwood
08 ??
09 ??
10 ??
11 149.125 Falcon Range
12 118.2 Sheppard Monitor
13 127.95 Fort Worth Center North
14 118.0 Gray AAF Approach
15 130.45 Shoal Creek
16 124.075 NAS FW GCA
17 140.175 301st Tactical - Intraflight
18 149.05 301st Tactical - Intraflight
19 140.275 301st Tactical - Intraflight
20 120.7 NAS FW ATIS

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